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San Fernando cradle of cocoa and place of the rare bean choosen by Yves Thuriès

Welcome to the cradle of cocoa growing. Ecuador, and mainly the lush region of Guayaquil nicknamed “The Pearl of the Pacific”, has been the birthplace of cocoa cultivation for more than 5,000 years.

Yves Thuries found the rare bean, known for its intense and floral taste, in his plantation of San Fernando in Ecuador. This bean is the fruit of the skill of the women and men who work there; and is at the root of each inspiration of the only double Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Women and men contributing to the development of beans, while respecting the nature.

San Fernando - Plant

On several hectares, the cocoa trees of San Fernando allow the men of the plantation to harvest the precious pods. The beans are harvested all year round after enjoying the generous sunshine and the abundant water from the Andean cordillera.

Quality beans are obtained through the daily commitment and savoir-faire of Expert Harvesters.
The cocoa trees maintenance, the picking, the cutting, the stripping, the fermentation and the drying will make it possible to create a good cocoa. We want to share with you this love of the earth and of the original material of chocolate.

Press – News

San Fernando - Cacaoyer

Le jardin des fruits perdus

La région de San Fernando bénéficie de conditions climatiques propices au développement d’une flore exceptionnelle. La durée d’ensoleillement journalière y …

San Fernando - Patrick

Patrick Lasseigne, Chocolatier Yves Thuriès, en Équateur

Réputé pour son cacao de qualité, l’Equateur accueille chaque année un salon du chocolat à Guayaquil qui attire des milliers …

San Fernando -Vera

Les équipes Yves Thuriès en voyage en Équateur

Régulièrement nos équipes se rendent sur place en Équateur, au cœur des plantations, pour vivre l’expérience Récoltant. Mi-février ce sont …


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